| Kleine Synagoge; Erfurt

Workshop A02 “Race and Propertization"

This event is organized by the subproject A02 (PIs: Prof. Dr. Jürgen Martschukat, Dr. Felix Krämer).

This conference interrogates intersections of racialization and propertization, contributing to recent interventions in the fields of Black history and mobility studies as well as to ongoing debates on the interrelatedness of critical theory and new materialism. Engaging Tina Campt’s theorization of a ‘Black gaze’ and ‘adjacency’ as “an intentional practice of looking with and alongside,” the conference brings together critiques of liberal self-making and of racial capitalism at large (Campt 2019). From slaves’ narratives as property to racialization in cars and the advent of redlining in automobile insurance issuance, the research presented questions humanist assumptions and foregrounds ethical imperatives for research on property. Thinking with and alongside keynote speaker Mia Bay, conference presenters and attendees will discuss racialized property regimes and means of redress.

Conference Program