| Friedrich-Schiller-Universität; Jena | Workshop

The Critique of Social Totality. On the Conception of Society in Critical Theory

This workshop is organized by project A06 "The normative foundations of property".

Contact and registration: Maximilian Huschke

On 2 and 3 November, a workshop on the concept of society in critical theory will take place at the Friedrich Schiller University Jena (Auditorium "Zur Rosen"). The focus is on the question of what relevance the claim to understand and criticise society as a totality still has today.

Speakers will be:

Arash Abazari (Frankfurt)

Charlotte Baumann (Sussex)

Dirk Braunstein (Frankfurt)

Jessica Feely (Berlin)

Lea Gekle (Berlin/Amiens)

Ariane Minz (Berlin/Paris)

Alex Struwe (Duisburg/Essen)

Dirk Quadflieg (Leipzig)