Jing Cheng

My name is Cheng Jing(Chinese“程静”). I come from Kaifeng, a city in central China which is known as the ancient capital of eight dynasties. I just got my master's degree in Shenzhen campus of Harbin Institute of Technology, now it's time for me to start my doctoral project. My supervisor is Professor Carsten Herrmann-Pillath, and I'm doing research on cooperate governance and performance of shareholding cooperatives in Shenzhen.

A picture of Jing Cheng.

Research Project

I'm staying in  the governance of Shenzhen’s Shareholding Cooperative. Under the background of China's reform and opening-up for more than 40 years, China's economy, society and culture have undergone a drastic transformation, the process of urbanization has been accelerating. As a product of coping with the transformation, shareholding cooperative emerges as the times require. It has achieved rapid development with China's economy and has shown strong vitality. Shareholding cooperative system is a great achievement of the reform and innovation of China's collective property rights system, which has the characteristics of both joint-stock system and cooperative system. As mentioned in SFB project, there have been fundamental structural changes in the nature of property. 

This study attempts to take the sample of five typical shareholding cooperatives (which belong to FhengHuang village, HuaiDe village, XiaSha village, ShuiWei village and MaKan village) in Shenzhen to make theoretical and empirical research on these issues, with a view to providing some ideas and opinions for reference for the decisionmaking of shareholding cooperative system reform and the important growth point of China's economic development, urbanization. Furthermore, these can be used as samples to study the property rights changes in China, so as to provide reference for the discussion on the property rights structure changes in the Asia-Pacific region in SFB.