Ling Li

I am Ling Li from China, live in Shenzhen and Guangzhou. Now, I am a PhD student in the Erfurt University of Germany. I am doing research in Shenzhen now. My research interests is socioeconomic, including “economy and culture of urban village ”, “property, urban planning and regional economy”, and “the clan culture of shareholding cooperatives and region development of China”.

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Personal Research Project

China, as an ancient civilization that has lasted for more than 5,000 years, its traditional culture has an essential influence on contemporary economic and social life. To understand the economy and society in China, the unique culture of the country should be taken into account. Given the megacity’s national and international status, my research argues that the case of Shenzhen reflects important differences and significant. My research will utilize a mix- approach of quantitative and qualitative methods to collect precise data and in-depth information for analyzing the situation of economic development under the framework of traditional culture in China and presenting local cultural forms exhibit resilience and a growing economy, which is influenced by government, shareholding cooperatives, and clans.