Moana Jean Packo

Areas of research:
Postcolonial history, history of religious nationalism, postsecular theory, religious identity politics, reproductive politics, the body as property

A picture of Moana Jean Packo.


  • “Thinking Redress and Reparations beyond the Nation State”, presentation by Moana Jean Packo during the workshop "Race and Propertization". (November 11, 2021)


  • Packo, Moana J., “‘The Measure of Justice’: Locating the Fight for Land Reparations within Du Bois’ ‘General Strike,’” in: Relating to Land, edited by Helen A. Gibson, Sofia Bianchi Mancini, Dirk Schuck, and Markus Vinzent. Frankfurt am Main: Campus Verlag (forthcoming 2024).
  • Packo, Moana J., “The Struggle for Reparations,” in: Racism in the United States. A Handbook on History, Society, and Politics edited by Silvan Niedermeier. Gesellschaft und Politik, UVK – utb (forthcoming 2024).
  • Packo, Moana J.. Review: Manjapra, Kris: Black Ghost of Empire: The Long Death of Slavery and the Failure of Emancipation New York 2022, in: H-Soz-Kult (forthcoming 2024).
  • Packo, Moana J., Review: Knewitz, Simone: The Politics of Private Property. Contested Claims to Ownership in U.S. Cultural Discourse, Lanham 2021, H-Soz-Kult, 2 May 2022,


  • WiSe 2022/2023 “Race and Religion in American History” (with Alexander Obermüller) BA Seminar, University of Erfurt