Maria Pfeiffer

Member of the mid-level representatives

Maria Pfeiffer studied sociology at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz and Friedrich Schiller University Jena.  From January 2021 up to and including June of the same year, she worked as a research assistant at the Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research UFZ in Leipzig, where she conducted research on carbon capture and storage as part of the DigiMon project. Since July 2021, she has been a research associate at the Department of Environmental Sociology at Friedrich Schiller University in Jena, where she is working in the SFB "Structural Change of Property" on the transformation of property relations in the course of the energy transition, with a special focus on geothermal energy and wind power. Since May 2022, she has also been a research associate at the Research Center for Work, Technology, and Culture (F.A.T.K.) in Tübingen. There, she is conducting researchon public utilities as part of the Hans Böckler Foundation-funded project “Kommunale Versorgung: mitbestimmt, sozial, klimaneutral?” (Municipal public services: co-determined, social, climate-neutral?) and is investigating the demands they face in terms of climate and environmental protection, the role of employees in the transformation process, and the potential of municipal enterprises as key players within the socio-ecological transformation.

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Scientific publications
  • Sonnberger, M.; Pfeiffer, M.; Bleicher, A.; & Gross, M. (2024): "Wake effects and temperature plumes: Coping with non-knowledge in the expansion of wind and geothermal energy", In: Social Studies of Science, 0 (0).
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  • Pfeiffer, Maria (2023): Im Dschungel zu Hause. Private Entschleunigung und öffentliche Aushandlung des Wohnraums durch Zimmerpflanzen, Baden-Baden: Nomos.
  • Otto, D.; Pfeiffer, M.; de Brito, M. M.; Groß, M. (2022): “Fixed Amidst Change: 20 Years of Media Coverage on Carbon Capture and Storage in Germany”, In: Sustainability 14, no. 12: 7342. DOI:
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Media and podcasts
  • Gross, M.; Pfeiffer, M.; Horn, D.; Sonnberger, M. (2022): „Blowing in the wind turbines“, In: blog of the Collaborative Research Centre “Structural Change of Property”. (published on 17.03.2022)