Dr. Sisi Sung

Member from November 2021 to February 2023

Sisi Sung is professionally affiliated with prominent institutions in the US, China and Europe. She has received academic training in economics from the University of Washington, USA, Tsinghua University, China, and Max-Weber-Kolleg at the University of Erfurt, Germany. She is the Outstanding Teaching Award recipient at the University of Washington. She is also the core founding member and the former supervisor of academic affairs of the Schwarzman Scholars Global Leadership Program at Tsinghua University. Currently, she is the junior fellow at the Max-Weber-Kolleg and visiting lecturer at the Willy Brandt School of Public Policy, University of Erfurt. She also serves as anonymous reviewer for academic journals and mentor at international institutions.
Her research has been published on academic journals in both English and Chinese. A monograph based on her recent study of the economics of gender and women in management in China will be published by Routledge in 2022, with title The Economics of Gender in China: Women, Work and The Glass Ceiling. Her most recent contribution in Chinese will also be published in 2022 as a book chapter by China Legal Publishing House. Her research interests include economics of gender, identity economics, labor economics, and an interdisciplinary approach to gender, work, and organizations. Her latest project at the SFB examines the concept of property from a gender perspective, with in-depth investigation in the business context of Shenzhen, China.
Sisi Sung holds a MA in Economics from the University of Washington, Seattle, USA (2015) and a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Finance from Tsinghua University School of Economics and Management, China (2012). She completed her doctoral examination (grade: summa cum laude) with a degree of Doctor rerum politicarum (Doctor of Economics) expected in 2022.

A picture of Dr. Sisi Sung.