From the Factory into the Living Room: The Roots of Socialisation and Its Recent Return

Public lecture by Dr. Ralf Hoffrogge at the workshop "Local self-governance and urban property relations: Historical and present perspectives".

The lecture is in German with English translation.


It was a political earthquake when the initiative "Deutsche Wohnen & Co Enteignen" convinced more than one million people in a referendum in September 2021 to transfer the Berlin holdings of large real estate companies into common ownership. Socialisation, socialisation, common ownership - terms from the legacy of the workers' movement shouted a defiant "I'm here again" into the present. But actually they never really went away. Forms of common property are older than capitalism, have never been completely displaced by it and have always received new attention in its periodic crises. The lecture traces the concept of common property in five manifestations through five centuries - from the Peasants' War of 1524/25 to the financial market capitalism of our day, from everyday practice to the legal norm in the Basic Law.

Video recording of the presentation

Listen to Dr. Ralf Hoffrogge's presentation.