Next date: | Friedrich-Schiller-Universität; Jena | Workshop

“Local self-governance and urban property relations: Historical and present perspectives”

The workshop is collaboratively hosted by the historical subproject B07 “Property concepts and conflicts in the process of privatisation: Communal self-government and communal property in Eastern Europe since 1990” (Joachim von Puttkamer and Florian Peters) and the sociological subproject C04 “Debating the public sphere and the future of the commons: Property relations in the context of welfare state transformation” (Silke van Dyk, Markus Kip, Luzie Gerstenhöfer).

Call for Papers

Deadline: 31.03.2023

If you are interested in contributing to this workshop, please send an abstract of max. 300 words and a short CV to

We invite empirical and theoretical contributions from sociological, geographical, anthropological, and historical perspectives. Topics might include:

  • Path dependencies and ruptures in urban property relations
  • Debates over private vs. collective vs. municipal property
  • Struggles for participation in urban settings and their link to property
  • Room for manoeuvre for municipal governments regarding property issues
  • Conflicts and tensions between property- and democracy-related claims
  • Perspectives on economic democracy on the urban level
  • Self-governance as a (neo-)liberal or anti-liberal concept

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