Eduardo Relly

Dr. Eduardo Relly, environmental historian, is currently Post-Doc Researcher (Wiss. Mitarbeiter) at FSU Jena in the JRT03 „Eigentum an genetischen Ressourcen: Zur Aneignung traditionellen Wissens in der Bioökonomie“. Eduardo Relly has a Master in Environment and Development from the University Vale do Taquari in Southern Brazil and completed his PhD Studies in History at Freie Universität Berlin in 2019 with a dissertation on the transfer of environmental knowledge between Germany and Brazil under the background of commons privatization and settler colonialism policies. He has been active mostly in Brazilian and German academia, since he has taken over research as well as teaching positions in Bielefeld (BGHS, Uni Bielefeld), Munich (Rachel Carson Centre, LMU München), São Leopoldo (University Vale do Rio dos Sinos, UNISINOS) and Porto Alegre (Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, UFRGS).

His research interests include: subtropical climate/ecologies; commons; ethnohistory; Guarani archaeology; global agricultural and sylvan knowledge; biological/genetic resources; migration studies (focus: German migration to overseas).

A picture of Eduardo Relly.


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