Karlotta Böthig

Karlotta Böthig studied law at the Friedrich Schiller University of Jena and graduated in February 2022 with the 1st state law examination.

Since 2019, she has been a student assistant at the Abbe-Institute für Stiftungswesen. Her interest in scientific questions on foundation law was deepened by a seminar paper on the dismissal of board members in foundations.

Since April 2022, she has been a research assistant in subproject A05: "Testaments and bequests as tools for immortalising people and property." and is working on her doctoral thesis on the emergence of the legally capable foundation under civil law in the 19th century.

A picture of Karlotta Böthig.



Media and podcasts
  • Böthig, Karlotta (2023): “Die Stiftung als Instrument zur Perpetuierung von Vermögen”, part V of the SFB-Blog series „Verfügung über Dinge: Historische und aktuelle Perspektiven des Eigentums im Wandel”, In: blog of the Collaborative Research Centre “Structural Change of Property”. (published 15.10.2023)