Lydia von der Weth

Lydia von der Weth joined the Chair of Civil Law, Roman Law and European Legal History at Friedrich Schiller University Jena in October 2016. Since November 2021, she is a staff member of the SFB subproject A05.

She studied law at the FSU Jena. During her studies she specialized in legal history. In this context, she wrote the seminar paper "Die Klosterbibliothek von Altzella als Quellenbasis für den Sachsenspiegel". She completed her studies in February 2019 with the 1st state law examination. Since November 2021, after successfully completing her legal clerkship she is an Assessor Juris and is pursuing her Phd in the field of property and inheritance law.

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Scientific publications
  • von der Weth, Lydia (2024): “Mancipatio: The Starting Point of a Uniform Property System”, In: Gibson, Mancini, Schuck and Vinzent, eds., Relating to Landed Property, Frankfurt/M.: Campus, (forth.).
Media and podcasts



  • Lydia von der Weth: “A Typology of Conflicts over Property.”, Participation in the discussion at Annual Conference 2023 of the SFB 294. (04.-06.10.2023)
  • Lydia von der Weth: Organisation of the writing workshop: Workshop for the doctoral students of the SFB 294, at Mühlenhof Letschin. (24.-28.06.2023)
  • Lydia von der Weth: Participation in the International Conference, Jagiellonian University in Kraków: Ius commune and local testamentary succession laws and customs (c. 1400 – 1620). (12–13.01.2023)
  • Lydia von der Weth: Expert and contact person in the “Dialograum Eigentum” as part of the annual conference 2022 of the CRC under the direction of Professor Dr. Andrea Esser (04.-05.10.2022)