Equal Opportunity

The SFB has set up its own organisational contact point for equal opportunities affairs: the Equal Opportunities Board. The Chairperson of this Commission is the Equal Opportunity Representative of the SFB. This position corresponds to the Equal Opportunity Officer of the faculties. Currently, the Equal Opportunity Representative is Anne Tittor. The members of the Equal Opportunities Board are: Sofia Bianchi ManciniPetra Gümplova, Bettina Hollstein, Henrike Katzer, Antje Linkenbach-Fuchs (MWK Equal Opportunity Representative) Jörg Oberthür and Sylka Scholz.

The Equal Opportunities Board discusses and drafts equality policies and submits plans for the equality budget and targeted measures to the coordinartion, which makes the final decision on the use of funds. Members of the SFB are invited to contact the Equal Opportunities Board to share their needs, requirements and problems. If possible, they will find jointly funded solutions with SFB funds. 

All members of the Equal Opportunities Board can be contacted regarding equal opportunities, diversity, work-life balance concerns and complaints (harassment, violence, discrimination). The Equal Opportunities Board and the Equal Opportunity Representative work closely with the various organisations at the Universities of Jena and Erfurt that perform related functions. According to the case, different university units may be responsible and the Equal Opportunities Board oft the SFB helps to get in touch with them. This applies in particular to all formal aspects of employment, as SFB members are employees of the respective universities and therefore enjoy the full rights and obligations of the latter.

Your contact to the Equal Opportunity Representative of the SFB Helen Gibson: 

Information on Equal Opportunities, Diversity and Family Support in the Collaborative Research Center "Structural Change of Property"